Unlock your data's potential with our Analytics Consulting & Data Analysis Services

It's essential to have a deep understanding of how visitors interact with your website or application. This knowledge is essential when analyzing your website's return on investment, and when making improvements informed by user behavior. The team at New Web Hub can provide you with the insights you need to move the needle. Our analytics and data analysis services are backed by Google-certified data experts who can provide you with a comprehensive picture of how, when, and where visitors are navigating through your site. With our data-driven strategies, you can get a better understanding of your website's performance.

Our Analytics & Data Analysis Expertise

Analytics Setup

If you're just starting to dive into website analytics, we'll provide you with everything you need for success. We'll integrate your website with Google Analytics, as well as other reporting software, to give you a complete picture of pageviews, traffic, and user behaviour. We'll also use Google Tag Manager, Google Search Console, Universal Analytics Tags, Event Tracking, and more to get an even deeper understanding of your website performance.

Advanced Analytics Consulting & Strategy

Having access to accurate data is essential for making well-informed business decisions. Our analytics team stands ready to provide technical support for all analytics scenarios, from account setup to third-party data integration. Our team is equipped to handle all data analytics requirements across all digital marketing channels.

Core Analytics Review

With our comprehensive Analytics Review, we investigate the data that has been collected from your website and pinpoint trends and patterns to formulate our recommendations for any changes that need to be made to your website. We make sure to analyze every aspect of your website, from the way visitors navigate your site to the completion of a goal or conversion, in order to maximize the return on investment of any improvements you make to your website.

Analytics Reporting & Dashboards

Our team of Google Analytics Certified experts provide comprehensive, ongoing analytics insights and strategies. We create custom reports and Google Data Studio dashboards to provide a thorough overview of your business. We begin with a comprehensive stakeholder meeting to ensure that we understand your goals, target audiences and engagement strategies. After this, we identify the key performance indicators and set benchmarks to measure success. We also hold regular monthly calls to evaluate performance and make detailed recommendations.